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Heathkit IT-3117 Tube Tester
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Heathkit IT-3117 Tube Tester

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Heathkit IT-3117 Tube Tester

Here's a nice, clean Heathkit model IT-3117 tube tester. It's the last of the Heath tube testers and has virtually all the sockets you could possibly want.

Separate sockets are provided for the older 4-pin, 5-pin and 6-pin tubes, as well as the expected 7-pin miniature, 8-pin octal, and loctals. It also has sockets for both 5 and 7-pin nuvistors plus 9-pin noval (miniature) and novar, and 12-pin compactrons. 10-pin miniatures (Did you ever see one of these? There were only two.) are accommodated with an extra connector in the center of the 9-pin socket. In short, there isn't much you can't test with this instrument. The test circuit of the IT-3117 is identical to Heath's earlier models TC-1, TC-2, TC-3, IT-21 and IT-17; and the test data is interchangeable. The Heath circuit was borrowed from the Triplett 3413. Eico and Allied Radio also licensed this circuit for the Eico 625 and 628 testers, and the Knight KG-600 series of testers. All the data for these instruments is interchangeable, giving a vast database of testing information. If you can't find the test you want on your Heath chart try a different Heath chart or an Eico or Knight chart! You'll surely find it in one of these places.

To ensure accuracy of the competed kit, Heath didn't provide any calibration adjustments for the IT-3117, but relied instead of the inherent accuracy achieved by using close tolerance components in the measuring circuits. Calibration consists of ensuring that all of the components in the measuring circuits, including the meter, are still within tolerance

This instrument is in very nice condition with only a very few scratches as can be seen in the photos. The chassis is clean and bright and the wiring very neat and professional.


If you want a tube tester that's very popular, is in good condition, has lots of data available, and will test all your vintage tubes plus the newer ones, you'll be pleased with this one!

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