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Baofeng UV-5R, RA, RC etc

Posted by Administrator on 10/22/2012 to Chinese Radio News
We receive many emails asking if we have different UV-5 models. We were also asked if we have the New 2013 latest UV-5 Baofeng has taken the standard UV-5R and packaged it on many different cases. ALL of these new model numbers are the SAME RADIO, no different from one to another but just a different name. There are no 2013 models unless you have a time machine, They talk about extended freq coverage, that change is made in the new software they released, not in the radio. So, pick the case design you like and go with that, your getting the same radio. Hong Kong and Chinese sellers like to confuse you and make you think your getting something different but your not. Better buy from a US Seller that will back the warranty in the USA.
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Lee Waddell Date 12/8/2012
I have just got my uv-5r nice looking radio but the softwear to programe is bad. No one seems to have a solution for programing them. Oh well radio's are small and dont take much room in my junk trunk..cheers.
Ben Date 11/4/2013
my 1st was the UV5RA and I later got a UV5 no real difference other than the casing or the body, the UV5 has no shiny metal plate over the speaker. Feels lighter too. I prefer the UV5RA seems the first one is always the one you compare others to. I bought others to give as Christmas gifts. Not a bad radio, fun and if you pay attention, not hard to program. Come on my fellow Americans, we can figure out everything they make. We are some smart cookies.
George A Date 11/11/2013
Thank you so much for the clarification regarding the uvr5. Before i came here i was so confused with all those models out there, but not any more! Kind Regards, George!
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